Bush Craft

Good old fashioned fun day out in the woods.

What a lot of children don’t do anymore, explore, experiment.

Make a fire, hold a knife, climb trees and learn about the countryside and it’s crafts.

A dangerous day out for boys and girls… not if they are shown how to use hand tools correctly, use knots, respect their surroundings, make a shelter, cook and make fires safely, find and cook food.

Our instructors have wealth of knowledge of the outdoors and through instruction, local stories and anecdotes are keen to pass on their skills.

Using a knife as a tool can be a very rewarding experience some of our courses include making walking sticks to take home.

These days out are not escape and evasion style survival but

Appreciation of the outdoors and its possibilities, re-kindling old skills that your granddad talks about but we don’t do anymore.