Schools and Groups

Tribe Days – where groups are split into tribes and are given tasks to complete using skills that they are taught though out the day.

This is not a competition but a really good way to learn to work together, some of the tasks may involve the tribes coming together to complete a task for the benefit of all.

For teachers – looking at key learning outcomes throughout the day many subjects can be explored using the outdoors as a tool some work can be done in preparation before you arrive


Some examples…..

  • Craft and Design Tec – shelter building, catapults, snares.
  • Living History – stories and anecdotes.
  • Biology – Fresh water (biotic index)
  • Geography – where the water comes from, where food comes from, land use
  • Mathematics – compass bearings, shelter construction
  • General Coordination – using a knife, archery
  • Communication – giving and receiving information, negotiation
  • Team Work – constructing rope bridge river crossing

There of course is a lot more, we have in effect an outdoor class room full of possibilities for young adventurers to learn.